Not Dancing

In trying to keep my reputation as a very boring person I have here what is most likely the dullest video on YouTube. While I wait for Gran Turismo Sport edition to be released on the PS4 I have been driving Drive. In terms of games and realism it’s not brilliant but it has enough play and racing within it to be fun.

This is what my feet do while I’m playing the game. It’s not strictly necessary to use the clutch pedal but it adds to the fun of playing. In this video I am left-foot-braking to settle the car in the corner and also heel-and-toeing while changing down through the gears.

I had gotten to the point that while driving the beast that I would heel-and-toe when slowing down. There’s absolutely no chance of doing that in Bora Horza Gobuchul as it’s automatic and also CVT which gives a lovely drive but is pretty boring.


Since getting rid of the Beast and buying a new car I have missed using a gear stick and doing things with my feet and left hand. I now have a hybrid car which has a stick I move into Drive position and then into Park position. That’s it. My left foot operates the manual parking brake. I really like the car. It’s comfy and drives really smooth. But I need my fix of gear stick work.

Fortunately I have a decent steering wheel for the PlayStation and I can use the gears on that. It’s not the same but it keeps the coordination going a little bit I guess.

There are a few things to note. I have the gear stick set up on the right of the steering wheel to mimic racing cars.

G29 Driving Force Wheel
G29 Driving Force Wheel

I will say that without really thinking about it I was heel-and-toeing the game and doing it quite well while using the clutch and steering. I’ve been playing Drive Club and while the game play and feedback about handling isn’t as good as Gran Turismo it will have to do until the PS4 version of GT comes out, which given that they said 2016 is quite likely to be 2025 knowing Polyphony.

It’s possible that not coordinating feet and hands in a real car anymore means I am going to get better at it on this gaming device. I will still get to drive manual vehicles, most likely minibuses at work for taking people places. I feel slightly sorry for them as I remember how to use a clutch!