Not Dancing

In trying to keep my reputation as a very boring person I have here what is most likely the dullest video on YouTube. While I wait for Gran Turismo Sport edition to be released on the PS4 I have been driving Drive. In terms of games and realism it’s not brilliant but it has enough play and racing within it to be fun.

This is what my feet do while I’m playing the game. It’s not strictly necessary to use the clutch pedal but it adds to the fun of playing. In this video I am left-foot-braking to settle the car in the corner and also heel-and-toeing while changing down through the gears.

I had gotten to the point that while driving the beast that I would heel-and-toe when slowing down. There’s absolutely no chance of doing that in Bora Horza Gobuchul as it’s automatic and also CVT which gives a lovely drive but is pretty boring.