Didn’t Make It

Last month I wanted to beat my record for communications published in a month. After seeing the most I had managed previously I gave up reaching that total but had wanted to aim for 31 communications giving an mean of one per day. I even failed to make that.

I’ll try again another month. It does seem that February would be the best month to try and get that average. Let’s see what happens.

Daily Fail

I shouldn’t really pick on the Daily Mail because it is like shooting fish in a barrel. This was the MAIN headline earlier today:

Daily Mail Headline

Firstly, my response to this is “you are stupid and you should say NO to her”.

A bigger issue with this, apart from the celebration of the outliers of society rather than concentrating on reinforcing the good of society, is that this was the FIRST story on the Daily Fail website today. I’ll say that again: The FIRST.

Today there are massive public sector strikes, the government are bringing in a snooping law and there are wars still killing people around the world. Even the soccer world cup is on at the moment and this was what the Daily Fail chose to inform the world about. Tossers.

Bad App


It’s not a strong enough word to describe my reaction the the ABC Animals app from the Apple App Store.
I looked for an alphabet app for #1 to play with as he is starting to learn to read. ABC Animals looked good and I was quite impressed with it.
You go through the alphabet and touch the screen and get a picture of an animal, that animal’s sound and the animal is aurally named.
There’s a crocodile for C:


An elephant for E:


A tiger for T:


But hold on just a MF minute. WTF is this?.
There’s a UNICORN for the letter U:


This is just utter ARSE. I am ashamed I ever even downloaded this app. It’s not like there’s a shortage of animals beginning with U.

  • Uakari
  • Umbrella bird
  • Urchin
  • Urutu
  • The app managed just fine to find the X-Ray Fish for the letter X so why are they messing around with a mythical animal for U?
    The app has been deleted.

    A Bit Cold

    This is an epic fail. I know Manchester is shitty but I think this is a bit wrong!


    Perhaps it’s getting back for the BBC move to Salford or most likely the number was an accident. Humans are fallible and so any counting or typing procedure can’t be 100% accurate!