Bad App


It’s not a strong enough word to describe my reaction the the ABC Animals app from the Apple App Store.
I looked for an alphabet app for #1 to play with as he is starting to learn to read. ABC Animals looked good and I was quite impressed with it.
You go through the alphabet and touch the screen and get a picture of an animal, that animal’s sound and the animal is aurally named.
There’s a crocodile for C:


An elephant for E:


A tiger for T:


But hold on just a MF minute. WTF is this?.
There’s a UNICORN for the letter U:


This is just utter ARSE. I am ashamed I ever even downloaded this app. It’s not like there’s a shortage of animals beginning with U.

  • Uakari
  • Umbrella bird
  • Urchin
  • Urutu
  • The app managed just fine to find the X-Ray Fish for the letter X so why are they messing around with a mythical animal for U?
    The app has been deleted.