How That Music Used To Make Me Smile

I have mention my college times before in these communications and I thought I would now share a photograph of me during one of my proudest events.

This was taken at the Engineer’s Ball in 1994 (I am pretty sure it was 1994). I was Spanner Bearer for the academic year 1993/1994.

If you want to know more about mascotry then take a look at these pages.

CGCU Mascots
CGCU Mascots


I don’t think it’s right that I went to a college that has so many odd things about it. I love the fact it was odd but there are problems with that.
If I meet someone new I have to try and explain some of the things about IC because it was part of my life. I can mention any of the following:

  • Mascotry
  • Constituent College rivalry
  • Imperial Rag Mag
  • Kamikaze Parachute Run
  • Field Cup
  • Tie Clubs
  • Traditional Bar
  • Pots
  • not NUS
  • Bo
  • CGCU Bar Nights

And these would probably be met with a bit of a “really?” nod. “Yes” would be the reply.
These things can only be confirmed by someone who’s been there and been in the same social group. Obviously those are the people I am still in contact with and so confirmation is required.
I have had the job of confirmer a number of times.

Ian, could you just explain Spanner and Bolt to X who doesn’t believe me.

I explain about my past love Spanner and its companion Bolt and although X now believes the stories they still have that look of “your place was odd”.
It sure was!

Socks on Hands

A long time ago in a college not that far from London, pretty much in the middle actually, there were a bunch of students in their first year at University. “Let’s enter the Field Cup”, someone suggested. “OK”, was the response.
The Field Cup was essentially a pub crawl for teams with challenges and forfeits in each pub. We were rookies and unfortunately for the older entrants we were doing quite well. We had taken some loot and even a Hall Of Residence Warden to the final judgement but, because we were up against a group of girls from the CGCU, we were docked just enough points to ensure we came second. Good try for a bunch of Fresher’s though!
We were in one pub, possibly The Queen’s Arms, and our challenge was to sing on the karaoke machine. Chrissy was lead vocals on “Let It Be” by The Beatles and we were backing singers. However, for some reason we were wearing our socks on our hands! That must have been a forfeit somewhere but precise details elude me, 20 years later. The precise details probably eluded me the next day too. We shall all remember Karl’s backing vocal calls of “socks on hands” to the rest of the pub! Hilarious!
You had to be there, really.