I don’t think it’s right that I went to a college that has so many odd things about it. I love the fact it was odd but there are problems with that.
If I meet someone new I have to try and explain some of the things about IC because it was part of my life. I can mention any of the following:

  • Mascotry
  • Constituent College rivalry
  • Imperial Rag Mag
  • Kamikaze Parachute Run
  • Field Cup
  • Tie Clubs
  • Traditional Bar
  • Pots
  • not NUS
  • Bo
  • CGCU Bar Nights

And these would probably be met with a bit of a “really?” nod. “Yes” would be the reply.
These things can only be confirmed by someone who’s been there and been in the same social group. Obviously those are the people I am still in contact with and so confirmation is required.
I have had the job of confirmer a number of times.

Ian, could you just explain Spanner and Bolt to X who doesn’t believe me.

I explain about my past love Spanner and its companion Bolt and although X now believes the stories they still have that look of “your place was odd”.
It sure was!