Purple Rain – Prince

I’m not sure when I got this album. I’m not a massive Prince fan but I can definitely see that the guy was a genius. I mostly remember the albums: Diamonds and Pearls, Batman and Love Symbol. This one is a classic, I know that much, but I’ve just not really listened to it along with Love Sexy. I do feel slightly ashamed that I don’t know this album well. When Doves Cry and Purple Rain I am aware of and would recognise. Oh well. Such an interesting communication for number 1600 [the address of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue].

Lovesexy – Prince

Wow, two albums in the “L” section of this as I trawl through my stuff alphabetically. The main this I remember about this album is that it was recorded on a tape which had Bon Jovi and then went straight into this. I’m not sure they go together but that tape was a product of its time, around 1990 in my lifescale.

There are two songs which strike me as best on this album and they would be: Alphabet St and Lovesexy. I don’t listen to this album often, it is however most definitely a summer sound. It’s worth a listen.

As I had a taped copy of this originally from SR I didn’t know the format of the album and when I got the CD version I was annoyed that the whole album is listed as a single track. I spent quite a while finding software to break the album into individual tracks but I go there in the end. I now have this as a digital copy on the NAS. It’s there forever. Unless there’s an EMP, in which case we are all fucked.

I can remember this tape playing as I drove cadets to a band competition in the late 1990s. I had this playing in the minibus and we were all singing along to Bon Jovi and then Prince started playing. I quite liked the contrast but it was not universal!

Diamonds and Pearls – Prince

There was a time when I liked listening to Prince, or whatever his name became. I saw him live on the Diamonds and Pearls tour in Earl’s Court Arena and I was really impressed with the show. The man is a genius. For some bizarre reason I just wanted him to play “Anarchy in the UK”, I think it was his guitar sound, it had that punk edge to it.

This is a good album. It’s different. Not metal and a bit funk and pop, but I still like it. I don’t think you’d get far putting this stuff on at a disco but it is brilliant. It also takes me back to the carefree times of the early 1990s!

My favourites are:

  • Cream
  • Gett Off
  • Willing and Able

I’d rate this 5 stars.

Batman – Prince

I went to see the film Batman [the Tim Burton version] with Alan Barnett when it came out. He thought it was great but I was somewhat underwhelmed. I think I had expected a rather realistic film rather than the dark and glossy beast that Burton produced. Also, I didn’t like the helicopters at the end, can’t remember why, I just remember I didn’t like them. I have had similar problems with most superhero films, they don’t seem to work. Mind you, I will now say that I really liked the original [Burton] Batman as I dislike the recent versions even more, they are over hyped and I just don’t find them interesting.

At this time SJR was into Prince and I had listened to a few of the albums and taped some also. Lovesexy and Sign O The Times. I bought this album on CD and I’m pretty sure it came in a rather nifty tin case with the Batman logo on it.

The songs are really good. It has a certain funk and style that I associate with Prince and it’s good summer music. “The Future” and “Batdance” stand out to me.