Batman – Prince

I went to see the film Batman [the Tim Burton version] with Alan Barnett when it came out. He thought it was great but I was somewhat underwhelmed. I think I had expected a rather realistic film rather than the dark and glossy beast that Burton produced. Also, I didn’t like the helicopters at the end, can’t remember why, I just remember I didn’t like them. I have had similar problems with most superhero films, they don’t seem to work. Mind you, I will now say that I really liked the original [Burton] Batman as I dislike the recent versions even more, they are over hyped and I just don’t find them interesting.

At this time SJR was into Prince and I had listened to a few of the albums and taped some also. Lovesexy and Sign O The Times. I bought this album on CD and I’m pretty sure it came in a rather nifty tin case with the Batman logo on it.

The songs are really good. It has a certain funk and style that I associate with Prince and it’s good summer music. “The Future” and “Batdance” stand out to me.