It Seems A Lot

A little while ago Sony Entertainment made a video giving a run down of my time on the PS4 and you can see that in this communication. I guess these types of videos don’t take a huge amount of effort to produce and they might even have started on Faceshit, I don’t know. However, the other day Strava came up with one for me. I use Strava to track my running and other exercise. This year I’ve also done some rowing on the erg and a little swimming.

Here’s my Strava video:

Burn It

So, the xmas break, which requires food and alcohol, along with a significant drop in exercise has resulted in what I would call a considerable gain of mass. I have written about mass loss before and I wrote more here also. To lose mass you have to burn more energy than you consume. It’s that simple [and no, you don’t have a gland problem!]. Not a lot else to it, it’s the psychology of it all that will fuck you over. I like eating and I comfort eat. It’s the self discipline that hurts. I know that when I am a healthy mass and exercise I can maintain that mass and still have blow-outs now and then.

So, before I get to my numbers, here are some facts about fat and exercise.

  • One pound of fat is roughly 3500 kcalories.
  • 10 metres walked or ran is roughly one kcalorie burnt.
  • Daily intake for a man should roughly be 2500 kcalories.

So, my ideal mass would be <80Kg. However, I’ve not been that for a long time and I would be happy with <82.5Kg which comes in at 13 stone in old money. I am currently hovering around +90Kg. This upsets me greatly, but it is my own fault. Now is the time for action. Let’s just assume I want to lose 10Kg just to make the numbers easy. It’s worth knowing how long this will take and what effort I will face. I think many people are unrealistic about mass loss.

Some maths:

10Kg is approximately 22 pounds of fat to be lost.

22 pounds of fat is roughly 77 000 kcalories extra that needs to be burnt.

If I reduce my daily intake by 500 kcalories then this would take 22 weeks, as I would lose one pound per week. This is nearly half a year, which is a depressing amount of time to be on a restricted calorie diet.

If I maintain 2500 kcalories per day and run to burn the excess I will need to run 770 kilometres. Given that my average run is probably around 10km this means 77 runs. If I manage to run twice a week, on average, then this is over 35 weeks which is again an intolerable amount of time.

What I need to do is reduce my calorific intake while at the same time exercising to produce the desired results in a shorter (but sensible) length of time. I aim to be a healthy mass again by the end of March. This gives me three months or twelve weeks. I need to lose around 2 pounds per week. I can do it. I am determined to do it as some of the health issues that I have mentioned previously are back.

My progress isn’t going to be public. I am not going to start tweeting about this all the time. I probably won’t even mention it if I do or do not get down to the target mass.

Keep On Running

Along with a recent communication explaining how I am logging my life, I’ve passed a few milestones these recent weeks. I’ve passed three million steps using my posh pedometer and now Map My Run has told me that I’ve just passed 300 workouts. Pretty awesome stuff.


The next goal for me is to get rid of the last two kilograms of mass that I gained last summer and also to increase my distance that I run each work out. Recently I have been trying to increase my average pace to be in the top 25%, according to Map My Run, this appears to be about 8:30 per mile, which corresponds to 7 miles per hour.

The Longest Day

This isn’t the longest day in terms of the hours of sunlight during a rotation of the Earth. However, this is being written reasonably close to the vernal equinox. Nor is the about the film The Longest Day. This probably isn’t really about my longest day, which was, in recent times, my first day in Rome last year.

This communication regards my involvement in Sports Relief Charity Day at MGS.

I set the alarms for 04:00 as I had promised to do some rowing on the ergs at 05:00. The MGS 24 Hour Row started at 10:55 on Thursday 20th March and was so scheduled to finish at 10:55 on Friday 21st March. When the sign up sheets had been up for a while there was a big area of dead time in the early morning so I said I would come in and help.

So I woke at 03:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. My neighbour was coughing lots and I could hear that. At 03:45 I got up and made a coffee. I got ready and then left for work. When I arrived at the Big Hall there were rowers asleep on collections of chairs. There was a space for rowing already free and so a bit before my allotted time I sat down to row until 05:40. At the end of my time I had rowed 11074m in 50 minutes. Not bad!

I hung around and did some marking and preparation and then once the Home Tech room was open I went and cooked a good old fashioned fry up for me and DM. We ate at around 07:40 and everything was washed up and tidy by 08:00.

Time to do some work. I went to register my form group. Then I had another 40 minute stint to complete as I had volunteered to do 09:00 to 09:40 as I had a free lesson. There was more of a crowd now and I concentrated more on my split time and aimed to keep that at around 2:10 /500m and my average split at that too. Nearing the end of this session I decided to row further than earlier this morning and so I managed 11120m in about 48 minutes. I was happy but very tired. I had to wash up and head to teach some mechanics.

I listened to my own music during my rowing excursions. The first time I listened to Combichrist’s “What the F^^K is Wrong With You People – Darkside” and the second time I listened to Combichrist’s “What the F^^K is Wrong With You People”. Very good music for working out.

This is the time lapse video for the event. You can see me do my first stint on Erg 2 [from the right] at 1:48. You might then see me in a bright blue top do some marking at about 1:56. My breakfast appears at 2:06, bright blue top on the right hand side. Then my second rowing stint is at 2:12, I am on Erg 1 [RHS] wearing a black top.

During break time I headed back to the Big Hall to see the end of the row-a-thon. There were four rowers active at the end and the atmosphere was really nice. Once the allotted time was up the total distance covered was just over 900km, which gets us from Maidstone to about halfway through Scotland to John O’ Groats. It was a splendid effort and a brilliant piece of community building work. Well done to all.

I had another two lessons before entering the MGS mile at lunchtime. I had booked an ICT suite for these lessons so that the pupils could do some independent learning, focussing on their weaknesses. It didn’t take long for the lunch hour to arrive and during those couple of hours my back was starting to feel rather dodgy.

Just under seven minutes was my time for the MGS mile according to my Up band. I’m not convinced I did it that quick because I didn’t feel as tired as I do when I try and do a fast mile on my usual runs. I will still claim a sub-seven-minute mile though. I know I could make that time. The lunch hour had been extended to a full hour and the mathematics department took full advantage of this to have a good meeting to discuss department business. As soon as I had completed my mile I jogged to the mathematics office to make sure I didn’t miss anything important during the meeting. It was a good gathering.

For my final lesson of the day I had a statistics class. They worked well on the past examination paper I set. Then, for me, it was off home to collect my children and clean up ready for the evening performances.

I am part of the MGS staff band and we are called Disaster Area [with apologies to Douglas Adams]. The evening of this day was dominated by the Rock Band evening at MGS where student bands play in front of parents and other pupils. As the staff band we get to go first and warm up the crowd. This time around we played “The Ace Of Spades” and “Highway To Hell”. I understand there are videos available on Facebook but as you should be aware I don’t do Facebook. About halfway through Highway I started to relax and really enjoyed the experience, especially as I sand some backing vocals in the song.

I came on about 20 minutes later to play bass guitar for a pupil band playing “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden. When I get footage of this I will link it from here. Playing this song was great fun and I hope I get the chance to play it again.

Finally my school day was over. I got home about 20:30 after bailing out on the rock evening. I should have stayed for longer with DM as he had been in school a since 05:00 but I wanted to try and get some sleep before my sons woke at 05:00 Saturday morning. This felt like the longest day. I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’ll keep you informed of more throughout the coming years.

Me, playing with Disaster Area at MGS: