A Nice Touch

I’m having a short phase of ignoring Twitter on my phone, or rather just ignoring my general account where I follow too many people. Strangely the news hasn’t been getting me down, although it should, but I feel that it’s time to use other things to distract me. Because of this I was looking at Google News and spotted the weather box.

Google News
Google News

How cool is it that you can set the temperature to Kelvin? I thought that was a nice touch. It’s something I can explain to people and give them the knowledge of Kelvin as a temperature scale.

Then there’s the BBC and they default to a decent scale of temperature:


This is clearly that the BBC knows the correct units to use. Finally I give you the Daily Mail:

Daily Fail
Daily Fail

You can tell it’s the Daily Mail, partly by the insane length of the headline and the other reason is that they still use Fahrenheit as their measure of temperature. I’ve moaned about this before but the use of antiquated units is why this country CAN’T MOVE ON. It reinforces the idea that old people can have things the way they want. It continues to allow people to refuse to accept change. It is a deliberate attempt to force this country to stay in the past. The Daily Mail knows this. It is bullshit.

Celsius has been in use since 1995 in the UK because of alignment needed with the EU. There are some measurements which are allowed to be in Imperial units still and they are:

  • the mile, yard, foot and inch for road traffic signs, distance and speed measurement,
  • the imperial pint for the dispensing of draught beer and cider, and for the sale of milk in returnable containers,
  • the acre for land registration,
  • the troy ounce for transaction in precious metals.

These are almost acceptable. The implied cost of changing roads signs and the education to change to kilometres makes that something that is never going to happen. However, the pint, should go. All you have to do is order a large or small. Did you know that if you go to a pub and order a pint of lemonade you aren’t buying a pint? You’re buying the metric equivalent. There isn’t a good reason for this to have not changed but all you need is the image of that far right politician Nigel Farage with his pint to understand that the government was scared of those old people who go down the pub a lot and didn’t want to upset them. Not that the experience would have been any different to anyone visiting a pub.

Now, pubs are closing. They aren’t sustained by the changing use of society. They are losing money. There are campaigns to keep pubs open but these people don’t understand that society is changing. People don’t go down the pub anymore. Closing pubs might be sad but such is life.

No Wonder We Can’t Move On

Sometimes, just to irk my ire, I sometimes have a look at the Daily Mail Online. I have a bad habit of reading the headlines on newspapers whenever I go into a newsagents and that often leads me to distress as it’s clear to see the agenda that the mostly right wing press is pushing to those who still read these pieces of shit. Every now and then I glance down the front page of the DM online edition just to see what the world’s most popular website is saying.

Not since 1970
Not since 1970

This might seem to be an innocent headline given the toxic racist bullshit the DM usually peddles but there’s more to it than that. This headline is DESIGNED to reinforce the idea that a system of measurement when Britain was GREAT is still in use by some and the baby boomer generation should be proud of using Fahrenheit. Let’s be clear on two three fronts:

  • Fahrenheit hasn’t been used by the Met Office since 1970. Get the fuck over it you old arseholes.
  • Baby-boomers are the ones who have taken the most from this country and then fucked it over for the younger generations.
  • The younger generations are slowly getting their shit together and are going to take over. I can’t wait.

Have a look at news headlines and see the derision placed upon the younger lot by the old.


The front page version of this headline had CAN’T in block capitals. As though reading a clock with hands is something that people SHOULD be able to do.


This generation spend absolutely no time looking at analogue clocks so why should we expect them to be able to use one in an examination hall? Have a look around railway stations and airports. See any analogue clocks? Nope, didn’t think so. This headline is there again to push the idea that any change from the values of the baby-boomer generation are bad changes. GTFOI.


[apologies for irks and ire which mean roughly the same thing]


It’s been grey all summer holiday apart from 2 days and now it’s rained for the last 24 hours. I don’t actually mind. Hot weather does me no good and 23/24 Celsius is just right for me.

Hot today

Feeling warm today, even my Galileo thermometer says it’s hot. Expanding water means slightly less dense and so very specific masses displace less water and so sink to bottom at particular temperatures. Ingenious.