No Wonder We Can’t Move On

Sometimes, just to irk my ire, I sometimes have a look at the Daily Mail Online. I have a bad habit of reading the headlines on newspapers whenever I go into a newsagents and that often leads me to distress as it’s clear to see the agenda that the mostly right wing press is pushing to those who still read these pieces of shit. Every now and then I glance down the front page of the DM online edition just to see what the world’s most popular website is saying.

Not since 1970
Not since 1970

This might seem to be an innocent headline given the toxic racist bullshit the DM usually peddles but there’s more to it than that. This headline is DESIGNED to reinforce the idea that a system of measurement when Britain was GREAT is still in use by some and the baby boomer generation should be proud of using Fahrenheit. Let’s be clear on two three fronts:

  • Fahrenheit hasn’t been used by the Met Office since 1970. Get the fuck over it you old arseholes.
  • Baby-boomers are the ones who have taken the most from this country and then fucked it over for the younger generations.
  • The younger generations are slowly getting their shit together and are going to take over. I can’t wait.

Have a look at news headlines and see the derision placed upon the younger lot by the old.


The front page version of this headline had CAN’T in block capitals. As though reading a clock with hands is something that people SHOULD be able to do.


This generation spend absolutely no time looking at analogue clocks so why should we expect them to be able to use one in an examination hall? Have a look around railway stations and airports. See any analogue clocks? Nope, didn’t think so. This headline is there again to push the idea that any change from the values of the baby-boomer generation are bad changes. GTFOI.


[apologies for irks and ire which mean roughly the same thing]