Geek Wife

WW stated the other day that she would like some new T-Shirts and that she would like some “geek” ones! I’m overjoyed.
Her reasoning goes a little like this:

Everyone can buy a Superdry top and everyone knows it’s a Superdry top. If I can find a top that’s relevant to me and not obvious then that is a little more special to wear.

I couldn’t agree more. We did have some problems browsing the CafePress website because some of the designs looked nice but then had the TV show name as well meaning they aren’t obscure enough. There was a Lost t-shirt that had the Dharma logo (nice) but then also had the Lost logo (annoying). You want people who know to know and those who don’t to just think it’s another t-shirt.

For instance a t-shirt with


written on it is cool whereas one with STANLEY KUBRICK’S THE SHINING is a little too obvious. I want people to work hard to discover the reference! My current favourites are:

Who shot first?

So say we all

What would Adama do?

Bartlett for President

African or European swallow