Fulham Five Day

5th May 2012

The inaugural Fulham Five Day. A date where members of the F5 aim to replicate activities from 20 years ago.

the inaugural, annual F5 Day called so to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the formation of the F5

Here’s some of the activities the 5 got upto on the Inaugural Fulham 5 Day.

Have called back and told them to lock the door and hide all the toilet paper- said I would explain later. In keeping with the F5 tradition I am going to have a completely normally day. I expect emails from the rest of you so I can send emails back saying tut tut.

I will purposefully leave my dinner out this evening, down here that will be covered in flies and maggots by morning. Just about to book my flight so I can break into Mazza’s apartment! I will call as many people as I can a c**t and be surprised when they are offended!

Celebrating by not doing any examination lesson preparation. Going to spend 2 minutes looking at past papers and then say “screw this”. Put “Killing in the name of” on loud and lie on the floor in the dark with my sunglasses on. Possibly head to the chippy after that for sausage and chips and coming back via the off licence for a few cans of Murphy’s. Will piss in the kitchen sink in the morning and check how cooked the spaghetti is by throwing it at the wall. Might even burn an important letter for the guy downstairs later in the week! Going to turn on the games console, play Attack Sub and Desert Storm and will then settle in for a Madden fest playing the Redskins. After that I’ll let Jase play Phantasy Star for a complete weekend! Will wait for Ades to come in later and try to sleep with Mazza. Going to take appointments for the doctors surgery when the phone goes at 830 in the morning.

Sorry to arrive late, but I spent the weekend sitting on Jason and ferrying breakables out of his room after he downed a bottle of Smirnoff.  You should see the state of his sofa…
I’m looking forward to 5.5.55 when I suggest we all rent a flat in Fulham below some rowdy students and turn the tables on them.