Cookie Wookie


Having looked into the cookie law thing a bit I have pretty much confirmed that this website uses only essential cookies. These are defined as those that retain the choices you make to view this website. If you have the mobile version turned on or off or if you are logged into the administration area (only me doing that though) then uses cookies to allow you to do that.
This website does not, to the very best of my knowledge, do any tracking of user data or anything like that.
So your consent is not needed according to EU Law.
If you would prefer to delete your cookies or learn about what they might do then you can visit this website.

This whole law thing is quite interesting because I can remember the trouble caused when cookies were introduced to browsers in the mid-nineties [June 1994]. It has taken 18 years for the law to catch up with the technological improvement. That’s quite a long lag-time. Would it take that long if porn could just be downloaded freely and easily? Oh, yes, it would!