Mathematics Meme

I have officially started a new meme. Whether it will get very far I don’t know, but I’m going to try. Last week I had mentioned to my department that we should introduce the acronym WTF when marking. We would have to do this bit by bit, starting with the full term:

Write The Formula

After about a term or so of general use within the department we would then be able to abbreviate the phrase to WTFormula and finally WTF. I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be any problem doing that!

We also use the following acronyms; RTQ and RTFQ. These stand for:

Read The Question

and, obviously:

Read The Full Question

sometimes it’s essential to make your point properly.

While at a course, last Thursday, for people like me I mentioned these things and some others wrote them down. I hope, but don’t expect, these terms to make the zeitgeist sometime in the next 10 years. Now, there’s a prediction we can test!