NAS Drive

At home I have a NAS drive for storing music, photos and films. It’s always on and over the last couple of months it has been making “bad” sounds. Now, I don’t often surround myself with dodgy HDD and so I wasn’t sure if it was making legitimate noises or about to die.

I logged into the Iomega ix2-200 CE on Sunday and the page that normally describes the status of the device declared that Disk 1 was having problems. The NAS Drive is kept in Raid 1 configuration by me so losing one disk isn’t much of a problem. I snuck over to Amazon and check what type I had ordered before when Disk 2 failed a few years ago. They had some of these in stock and so I clicked.

The HDD arrived Monday as expected and was quickly placed into the NAS Drive. It’s a simple affair of six screws and slide out the unit. Very simple. Once turned on the data protection was rebuilt and within three hours the system was back to operating normally.

There are a few points to note about the Iomega ix2-200 CE. Whoever now owns Iomega hasn’t maintained the legacy website. This means the NAS drive tries to check for firmware updates on a site that doesn’t exist. Whenever I log in to the UI I am told it can’t check for updates. This is somewhat tiresome. It wouldn’t take much to monitor the traffic to particular sites and maintain them. I have to manually upload an update file to the NAS for it to realise it is up to date. Once it is happy it allows me access to more functions!

Overall, I am still very happy with the device and see no need to move over to a larger or newer version. The box seems to work just fine.