I spent a couple of days recently in the area of this island called East Anglia. I grew up in a part of East Anglia although it was more of a London over spill than anything else, not really “proper” East Anglia. We did have two television aerials on the house and we could pick up not only Anglia TV but also London TV if we switched the aerials over. Occasionally there was something on Anglia which was better than the London stuff. It’s a bit like news in the South East, it’s all London based.

East Anglia is mostly flat and so has many old air force bases and a few current ones. So I watched some F15s land at RAF Lakenheath, which is really a USAF base. I observed a C-130 on approach in to RAF Mildenhall and I also saw about four Tornados land along with a Typhoon perform a touch and go at RAF Marham.

Before seeing the jets at RAF Marham I spent a few hours at Oxburgh Hall in Oxborough nearby the base. The sound of the RAF planes performing landings was wonderful at the Hall, the sound of those engines filled the air. I have a feeling the noise was due to the direction the planes turned while burning off energy. A great sound.

Above are some of my best shots of Oxburgh Hall.

I had dinner in Ely close to the cathedral, the Ship Of The Fens. It’s an impressive beast that rises out of the fens like a ship over the sea. It’s well worth a visit.

Ship Of The Fens
Ship Of The Fens

A very interesting place within the Fens is Wicken Fen. It’s a National trust place and is an area of this island that is unique within the fens themselves. Although not the best weather the visit was good with information about the history of the Fens. I also went on a small electric boat trip along Wicken Lode, a lode being a waterway in this part of the country.