Not Interesting

I’ve just put together a page about the cookies this site uses and what the privacy policy is. None of it is interesting but I think it might be a legal requirement. There’s a European Law, which might not apply on 1st Jan 2021, that means I need to explain to you how I use the data I collect from you. This is an easy question to answer.

I don’t.

The most I do is use Google Analytics to see how often this site is looked at and from where in the world people seem to visit. This doesn’t require cookies on your computer. But I think this site will put a cookie on your machine. If I’m honest there are about four regular readers of this and I know them personally. Everyone else stumbles across this site and I very much doubt they find it interesting. Some people find this place and try to hack into the control panel! There were thirty such attempts in the last week. I really have no idea why someone would want to do that. There’s nothing in here except the effort and time I have put into creating this website, which is nudging into the thousands of hours I suspect. The last communication I wrote took between ninety minutes and two hours.

This site isn’t that interesting. As I say on the home page it’s a vanity project really.