I’m currently waiting for a new webcam to be delivered. It was meant to be with me on Friday and it’s now Sunday. I guess that’s not so bad really but I’m used to knowing when things will arrive and normally the estimated date of delivery is spot on, I think that’s why I’m feeling disappointed at the moment. The webcam I currently have is actually pretty good, I bought it a looong time ago for Skype calls to Spain and never used it that much, it lived in a box. It’s only over the last little while that it’s been attached to the computer and working ok. I think it was 720p as I know I bought a good model originally.

Current webcam model

I’m a bit of a brand whore and certain brands I like while others I avoid. Maybe I’m a bit of a marketeers dream but I would like to say that I only buy things when I need them, but that’s rubbish. I don’t need a new webcam even if I am going to be upskilling my YouTube presence. There’s an old webpage where I discuss or show which brands and companies I like, click here, looking at it, there have been a few changes but not that many. For instance, I would still buy a Logitech steering wheel rather than move over to Thrustmaster.

Current Set Up - Soon To Change
Current Set Up – Soon To Change

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about our current brand of politician and how society is made. I don’t think my conclusions are fully justified and I recently had a chat with the Penguin just to get some counter-argument to my thoughts and ideas. I’m not the greatest at setting out reasons even though I can become quite convinced with my conclusions. Obviously I think the Universal Basic Income is a great idea I think it would go some to help those who are struggling. I think my main thought process starts with a – let’s be nice to people – approach and looks at society from that.

This communication is about getting money. Specifically getting money from your parents or someone else who “leaves” their money for you. The idea that when you die your possessions and money get moved over to members of your family seems wrong to me, when looking from a particular point of view. I believe that there are too many people who think it is their right and correct place to be in power or leading when in fact they are just shit at those jobs. I see it all the time in society and professionally. One of the main things that contributes to this overbuild sense of purpose is the idea that people are born to a particular station or place in society. These sorts of thoughts are what private schools create as does wealth and a sense of family destiny. All of these things annoy the fuck out of me. I do wonder that these annoy me because I grew up with very little and when my parents die I will only inherit my father’s debt, they don’t own any property. I won’t get a Brucey-Bonus to help me pay off any of the money I owe. I will be just me working to pay for the things I own.

There was a study which looked at the richest people in Florence, Italy, and compared them to who was the richest SIX hundred years ago. Something like ninety percent of the families were the same families from 600 years ago. Having wealth generally creates wealth and stops others in society from gaining their own independence. This idea of a ruling class is screwing this country, and others, over. Now, before I get on to the idea of removing our monarchy and such institutions I will try and discuss the main thesis in this communication.

I think I’m coming around to the idea that people are allowed to inherit a maximum amount, let’s say thirty grand, and all the rest goes to the state. Now, hopefully we would have a state that can spend the money in a decent way for the better of society rather than the shambles we currently have in charge of this country.

Let’s suppose your mother built up a successful business and has made a ton of money. Good for her. Now, when she dies, that business becomes owned by the state. Any property your family had goes into state ownership and if you want it then you have to earn the money to buy it back. How do you get the money? Do it yourself you lazy fuck. It wasn’t your idea to build that business. It wasn’t your effort. You have had a privileged start to life because you aren’t poor. Go and build your own things.

I’m not sure how any of this would work legally. I’m not even sure how I can persuade other people about this. There is a massive instinct in humans to look after the tribe and make sure that everyone in the tribe does well. We want our things to continue after we are dead and the best way to manage this is to let our family, our DNA, run these things. To have this work well we would have to spend a large amount of time persuading everyone that it is for the best of all. The problem with that is that people are mostly selfish and for good biological reasons. But, selfishness doesn’t go with running a fair society and looking after the people. It’s why to current government is in power.

If you want to be rich and build your own business then that’s great. Go ahead and do it. Measure your success by the size of your property portfolio. Lord it over all the little people as you go about in your chauffeur driven Jag. But, once you die it all gets given back to the state. You made yourself rich off the backs of people you used and in the end everyone starts again from the same place. I guess I think this is a way to level the playing field even though it’s not that thought out.

tldr: you aren’t allowed to pass on anything you have once you die.