On The Cusp

This year has been an experience for a number of reasons, Covid being the most/worst important, and heating my house and having hot water being my second stressy thing. I think the heating and hot water started to be a little temperamental in February and because we were in the second or third wave of Covid it took ages to get the boiler seen. Lots of parts were replaced and then eventually it died properly. Fortunately it died a few days before I had booked to get a new boiler installed. So, finally, the new boiler is now installed and I have efficient heating and lovely hot water.

Hopefully The End Of Woes - A New Boiler
Hopefully The End Of Woes – A New Boiler

I did have a mild panic that the walls of the boiler might not be iron based and therefore the magnets wouldn’t stick but it turns out I needn’t have worried. I mean, where else would people stick shit like that if the boiler was made of plastic??

I am aware that having a new gas powered boiler right in the middle of a gas supply crisis is a little worrisome. It bothers me too. I looked into a heat exchanger and, firstly, I can’t afford one, secondly, a friend who is a green energy expert said to leave it a few years for the technology to catch up. I would love to have installed some green energy heating device but I’m stuck. I am hoping to get ten years of use out of this boiler before things become too expensive or illegal to run. Then, with luck, I’ll be able to install some green tech and feel happier about my contributions to fucking this planet over.

This is comms#1975 and so here are some things that happened that year:

  • An earthquake in China was predicted but it still kills over 2000 people.
  • The Birmingham Six are wrongfully imprisoned.
  • The AH-64 Apache makes it’s first flight.
  • Iron Maiden is formed.
  • 2000 die in an earthquake in Turkey.