Saw KMFDM at the O2 Academy in Islington. Small venue but nice and close to transport.
KMFDM were very good. Loud and funky the band played a good mixture of old and new. I’m not sure about some of the music being samples and recordings but I think I can cope with it if it’s occasional. They started with DIY and played Kunst third. Many hits followed and the atmosphere was as expected.

For someone used to the heavy metal crowd it was quite clear that I had crossed into a newer and different genre. Some members of the audience were not metal fans and were a little more extreme and edgy in appearance. The very tall man in the dress and make up, the other man in a dress and pink hair and the man who looked like a stereotypical butch lesbian with orange hair. I’m just glad these people have somewhere to call home.

The support bands were:

  • Sheep on Drugs
  • Explore the TV
  • Sheep on drugs were ok but Explore were awful, just not my scene or anyone else’s I think.

    Testing Heaven And Hell

    In my last communication I stated that I thought the difference between my two relative frequencies was not significant. I think I have now performed a test, but whether it is valid or not can be up to you.

    If Heavy Metal focuses on the dark side of life then there should be many references to to Hell in the song title. Conversly, there should be only a few references to the term Heaven in song titles. If this is the case then it could be expected that the frequencies of each would be independent of each other, assuming the subject matter for songs is random and the use of words follows this.

    My Calculations follow, but essentially I have found that, at a 5% significance level, the distribution of Hell and Heaven is random and that the frequency of hell is close enough to the frequency of heaven for this to be so.



    I am fully aware that I have really pushed the limits of my significance test and it probably doesn’t even work properly for this type of problem. But, my happiness about this communication remains about 75% (+- 3% for 95% confidence level).

    Heaven and Hell

    I’ve been thinking about the dark nature of heavy metal music and I am not sure that the reputation is deserved!

    My hypothesis is that heavy metal music and hard rock is not at all as bad-ass as people think. I predict that the number of song title references to Hell will be fewer than those that reference Heaven. At the time of writing this is just a confirmation bias speaking.

    Assuming that my music tastes for heavy metal and hard rock are reasonably consistent with the music genre and assuming that I have a random collection of this type of music in my library I will perform a count of the words in the song titles of my library.

    This really is being done live. I don’t know the results at the moment. Here goes:


    • Heaven’s Dead
    • Heaven Sent
    • When Heaven Comes Down
    • In Heaven
    • Heaven Can Wait (Gamma Ray)
    • Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
    • Heaven Can Wait (Iron Maiden)
    • Stairway To Heaven
    • Heaven Help
    • Heaven For The weather, Hell For The company
    • Heaven Can Wait (Meatloaf)
    • Good Girls Go to Heaven
    • Christmas In Heaven
    • I Wish U Heaven
    • To Be With You In Heaven
    • South Of Heaven
    • Heaven’s Gate
    • Super-Charger Heaven
    • Heaven and Hell
    • Heaven Tonight
    • Heaven Beside You

    So that’s 21 song titles that include the word Heaven out of around 5000 songs in my library.

    Now for Hell:

    • Cold Day In Hell
    • Right Next Door To Hell
    • Highway To Hell
    • Go To Hell
    • Heaven for the Weather, Hell for the Company
    • To Hell We Ride
    • Hell Child
    • Bat Out Of Hell
    • Into The Lungs Of Hell
    • Green Hell
    • Hotter Than Hell
    • Help Me I Am In Hell
    • Hellraiser
    • Run Like Hell
    • Come Hell Or High Water
    • To Hell And Back Again
    • Hell Awaits
    • Hellbound
    • Hell Raisers
    • Heaven and Hell
    • Hells Bells
    • Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
    • Hell Or High Water
    • Private Hell
    • Hell To Pay
    • Earth On Hell

    So that’s 26 references to Hell in a song title out of about 5000 songs in my library.

    Now, I have no idea if that a significant statistical difference. It doesn’t seem so to me. It also appears from the titles of some of these songs that perhaps the context in which the title is used might be more important. A couple of the Heaven songs seem more to do with the dark side that good stuff and some of the Hell songs come from sayings.

    I don’t think any conclusions can be drawn from this initial study. Perhaps with a research grant I’d be able to investigate the context of these words within the Heavy Metal form and get a good answer.

    Rock On!

    Testament – KoKo

    Went with my best man and best pal to watch Testament at KoKo in Camden on Fri 30 Nov 2012.
    They were good and very good fun to watch. Not a great front man but the music was hard and fast.
    Liked the venue. Small and intimate.

    Here are my photos: