Blue Murder – Blue Murder

When Whitesnake had their massive eponymous album in 1987 they went through so much strife that the band didn’t survive. The guitarist went on to form Blue Murder and they produced this album. I bought this on music cassette from the Our Price shop by Harlow bus station. It was in the rock section and one of those albums you look at, look at the band, look at the titles of the songs and then think it should be worth the money. This was a bargain!

The sound is so British and heavy. The songs are pounding slow beats of pure rock heaven. The style is similar to 1987 but the feel is much more heavy. I really like it. It still gets played quite regularly which is good for an album 20 years old. My highlights would be:

  • Riot
  • Sex Child [slightly worrisome though]
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Blue Murder
  • Ptolemy

The British sound of the 1980s is one of my favourites. I love the NWOBHM style and this is what it evolved to become.