Bands in which I have played. Date order.

Death By British Telecom Phone Card
Me – bass, Andy Smith – vocals, Nick Smith – drums, Kevin Horswill – guitar
Recorded an EP on music cassette. We were rubbish. 1989 or so.

Me – bass, Mark Hodges – guitar, Ian Barber – guitar and vocals, James (can’t remember his last name!) – drums
Recorded an EP on music cassette. We were pretty good. Played the sixth form leavers party, 1990

 Tinymind . . .
Me – bass and vocals, Russell Denial – guitar, drums and vocals, Mark Dawes – keyboards and vocals
Recorded an EP on CD. We were pretty good. 1996 ish.

Me – bass and vocals, Andy Pomery – guitar and vocals, Ian Pickard – guitar and vocals, Phil Horstrup – vocals, Ian Wesson – drums and vocals
Recorded a live video and some mp3 clips. We were pretty good. A full history of Cashback is here. We played a number of gigs in school. 2003 – 2006