Long Time

Continuing the iTunes and iPhone theme I have here a list of songs arranged by time (descending).

iTunes sorted by length of song
Long Songs

I need to listen to most of these to check whether they are proper songs or just tricks that have lots of empty space. Time to melt by Lard definitely seems to be a proper song. Over time I will check these and get back to you. The list stands as follows:

  • Lard, Time To Melt – seems a proper song.
  • Therapy?, Sister – seems some parts of silence, cheats!
  • Combichrist, At The End Of It All
  • Senser, Weatherman
  • Lodestar, Iliac Crest
  • Nirvana, Something In The Way – gaps and silence.
  • Throbbing Gristle, After Cease To Exit