Only a short while longer and I will have collected all the Tintin books for my sons to read. I have been buying about two or three every pay day from Amazon for the last 9 months or so and I think I have two more months before I have the complete collection. Unfortunately, I did accidentally buy one in paperback and so I will give that one away and buy it again in hardcover. In all honesty they might be more for me than the kids but I’m sure they’ll read them eventually.
I already have all the Asterix books as I collected them during my sabbatical year when I was at Imperial College. It was the only time as a student that I had any money and I made sure that I didn’t have any by the end of the year. I put on a lot of weight eating in the Union cafe all the time and bought ridiculous things like a lovely Aiwa portable cassette player (remember those?) and a crazy Casio watch that had a thermometer and a barometer built into it. The watch could even do altitude (based on pressure). Now I guess all of my money for gadgets goes into my phone and it does a crazy amount more. Not just two sides of a C90 but a whole two weeks worth of music!
Possibly a bit of a random communication for you and perhaps I should aim to include more outrageous stories from my university days!