Endless Speculation

This morning was the result of the Eastleigh by-election. I was listening to BBC Radio 4 while getting breakfast and I was amazed at the utter rubbish that the presenters and politicians were promoting.

There was endless speculation about why the public had voted a particular way with nearly every party claiming the result was good for them and using their own justifications. What utter rubbish. I do understand that the political parties are trying to spin the message and make sure that people think that they have done well but when you hear one argument after the other you begin to realise it’s BS.

I like the way that the politicos were trying to gather to mood of the nation and applying interpretations about the thoughts of the voters from this election result. Surely to gather any evidence about people’s motivation for voting a particular way would take some serious questionnaires and detailed investigation. It is not possible for this to be done a few hours after the result. I am sure that the sociologists out there must be swearing at their radios far more than me.

Politicians and spin! Perhaps one day we will get someone in charge who is quite happy to say things as they are and admit that they don’t know much!