Astro-Creep: 2000 – White Zombie

There are two versions of this album. This one and the remix. The remix has a far more interesting cover but let’s move on.

This is a really good album and the start of me heading into a more industrial sound rather than the clean produced stuff that I had previously liked. I don’t think there are any bad songs, although I don’t listen to it enough to know the names of all the songs. One of the issues with playing music on the iPhone is that I generally don’t know what the song is called. Back in the days of proper records I would read the dust cover from top to toe and make sure I knew the name of every song.

Highlights are:

  • More Human Than Human
  • Electric Head
  • Real Solution #9

“Real Solution #9” has a sample of one of the Charles Manson killers giving an interview about her victim on TV in the 80s. Interesting use of counter culture.

Rob Zombie and Marylin Manson toured together recently and I considered going but £60 for seeing two bands I’m not that fussed about seemed a lot of money. I didn’t go.