Iron Man 3

Went to see this film at the Showcase Cinema at Bluewater. I had to pick a seat at the front row because I was the last person in. There were a bunch of annoying teenagers just behind me and to the left but that’s what happens at the cinema. If I could watch these films at home I probably would but, then again, it’s nice to get out.
The best thing about this film is Stark’s character. He’s so quick witted and a completely self-obsessed and absorbed arse. It makes it worth seeing. Look, the story is ok. The effects are ok but I guess it’s the set-pieces people go to see. They were good and the crane at the end was massive, really impressive.
It’s amusing to think that every time IronMan landed Tony would be squashed to a pulp inside. I know the man is bright and able to make 42 different models of IronMan in his spare time and have them all working really well but I just don’t think he’s invented the inertia drive. I could spend all day moaning about science but I shan’t. Oh, apart from the acupuncture needles in Stark towards the end, what horse poo!
Anyway, look, it’s a superhero action film. Not up to the standards of Watchmen but a good one none the less.