Denim and Leather – Saxon

I love a bit of Saxon. That great NWOBHM sound. Two guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Nothing else needed.

Denim and Leather

I bought this off iTunes about a year ago as part of a multi-album pack. I don’t like they get lumped together in the music app though so I edit the meta data and split the albums up with their own album art work. iTunes HATES me doing this. Recently I did this with Suicidal Tendencies and iTunes went ape-shit at syncing with my phone and I have to rebuild my complete library. I hate iTunes most of the time.

This album is awesome. I originally had the Best of Saxon on music cassette and played it loads. This album has some of the greats from there and others too.

My highlights are:

Denim and Leather
Princess of the Night
20,000 Feet

It’s real party music (or at least I think it is).