House Fairy

I stayed at a friend’s house last night. He’s a good friend so I shan’t name him. If you know me well, you’ll know who I’m talking about.
I get to sleep on the divan in the office. I don’t have a problem with that per se. My problem is with the state of wiring in his office. This picture shows the state of wires and plugs in one corner under the desk!


This particular set up is somewhat distressing. Not really because of the fire risk but more because it needs a good tidy up. The total current drain is quite small and so the fire risk is pretty minimal. But, look at the state of it! Quite distressing!
I might start a service called “House Fairies”. Give me your address and at sometime while you are out I’ll come and magically wire up your appliances nice and neatly with proper colours and clips, making it look lovely and you’ll know where things are. Another part of this service would be to adjust any light switches which work the wrong way around. The house where this photo was taken also has light switch where you have to press the top bit to turn the light on. This is wrong. I can adjust that.

The light switch when the light is off (flash photo):


The light switch when the light is on:


I should have a website where you sign up and list the “House Fairy” jobs you want done. I will then come around at some random time and, Hey Presto! You’ll come home one day and everything in your house will work properly!