Racing Approach

I probably do it all wrong. I’ve no idea what other people do. It’s not what should be done in real life.

I recently started a line of communications looking at my progress through GT6. There’s a definite pattern to my play. I have made the following conclusions:

  • Try to get a steady lap time recorded to ensure I have an idea of:
    • Control under braking
    • Control under power
    • How much under/oversteer
    • Corner speed
    • Gearing
  • Try to increase speed at the first few corners, normally coming off a lot.
  • Try to increase start speed.
  • Try to maximise corner speed on all corners, normally with one or two bogie corners.
  • Crash a lot.

This approach isn’t what should happen in the real world. No-one could afford to pay me to drive and crash as much as I do. If I was driving in real life I would need to have an innate understanding of where the limit of traction and how to improve speed around a track. I would also, I hope, have better reactions to control the car. To get such a deep understanding I would need to have been driving and undertaking purposeful practice for a long time. It’s no surprise that the world’s best racers in any of the top formats started racing and driving when they were young and so effectively know no different.

To learn to race a car as fast as possible would require a certain number of crashes and offs, but not as many as afforded me in the console game. There’s no danger to life in the game, I just press restart.

There are some of you who might be thinking that I need to change my approach and that you want to tell me I don’t do it the right way. To you I say, “maybe” and “I know”. It’s something to work on in the future.