Walking On Water

I went for a run, which isn’t that unusual, but this one included the new bridge [see this communication]. I had already run over this bridge yesterday but for got to use the recording app on my phone.

Today I remembered but I didn’t want to run up the Downs on the west bank of the Medway. This new bridge is pretty close to where the Romans crossed and invaded the island of Great Britain many years ago. The bridge isn’t really on any maps yet and so the route recording app will have me either:

  • Running over the water like the Jesus Christ Lizard [I wasn’t going fast enough and probably couldn’t].
  • Walking on water like Jesus Christ [which didn’t happen].
  • Getting a boat with a chicken a fox and some corn [takes 24.5 journeys if you do it wrong].
  • Jogged over a new bridge.

It’s quite a nice view down on the wharf:

Wharf View
Wharf View