Who’s North

Recently in a discussion with a group of friends D ended by saying that all was quiet on the southern front. He lives in Offenbach and so, therefore, not that you know just yet, he lives furthest east of that particular group of friends.

friends map
Some Friends – Map

So, D gets the furthest east and also south but not by a great deal. I’ve got some calculations to do in a minute. J lives in Saltash and is clearly the furthest west, and close to being the southern most!

Now some numbers:

  •   J –  50° 24′ 21.78″N
  •   D –  50° 6′ 32.47″N

The north-south distance between these two is:

0° 17′ 49.31″

Which turns out to be 33km.

I was more interested in who is the furthest north and by how much. The numbers for those, are:

  •  Me – 51° 19′ 5.60″N
  •  A – 51° 20′ 6.24″N

You can see that’s pretty close. The north-south distance for these two is:

0° 1′ 0.64″

Which turns out to be 1.872km.

It’s much closer than the difference between the other two, but I am neither the most north, south, east or west. Boo.



[The domiciles of D and J have been approximated but with 33km between them that’s not particularly an issue].