Furthest East

So the previous communication about places of abode consisted of a group of friends who grew up on the Hertfordshire borders. Two of us lived in Essex, although A only live in Essex by about 20 metres, and two of us lived in Herts.

I have another bunch of friends from university and there are parts of the internet dedicated to them. We are further spread around the world as follows:

  • Me in Kent
  • M in Fulham
  • J in West End
  • R in Houston, TX
  • A in Atlanta, GA

It’s a more interesting question about cardinal extremities for this bunch.

Here’re the numbers [to within a few miles each]

  • Me –  51°19′ N   0°28′ E
  • M –  51°29′ N   0°11′ W
  • J –  51°20′ N   0°37′ W
  • R –  30°10′ N  95°30′ W
  • A –  34° 01′ N  84°14′ W

So, in summary R is furthest south and west by a long way. M is furthest north by about 10′ and I am furthest east. Yippee, I’m first to see the sun and more than likely the first to be asleep!

But, the plot thickens very slightly as there is another who should be included in this group but he isn’t part of the Fulham Five. K lives in the Midlands and given his approximate location is:

52°26′ N   1°34′ W

K is clearly the furthest north of all of us.

I am the only one in the eastern hemisphere though!