Hot Rocks 1964-1971 – Rolling Stones

This is just a quick one really. You grow up knowing that certain bands are very influential. You hear about them and then you listen to them. For me The Doors were meant to be really good but I just don’t like their material, I mean I understand how and why they were such an influence but I just don’t like their stuff. The Beatles are another band who pretty much leave me cold!

The Rolling Stones are a little bit different. I like their music. But then, I don’t have all their albums, just this. And, this is meant to be the best of all their stuff covering seven years. So it’s not really surprising that it is full of very good music.

All of the songs on this album are very good. It should really be in every collection, much like the White album, which I don’t have.

A particular favourite here is Sympathy For The Devil. It builds brilliantly and is crafted so very well [unlike the Guns N Roses version which is shit in comparison]. Whenever I hear this song it reminds me of a couple of overnight parties we had next to the river Stort in Pishiobury Park in Hertfordshire. We pretty much stayed up all night drinking, playing cricket and generally having a laugh and I remember putting this song on the music player just as the sun was rising and a mist was settling over the river. It’s a very atmospheric song and this was the perfect use for it.