Lego 46 Model 42055 Part 1

This is part one of a series of communications about Lego Model 42055. It’s a monster and so will be spread in sections as I am looking forward to categorising my journey.

This is the box:

42055 - The Box
42055 – The Box

There’s a Lego DeLorean on top to give an idea of scale. It is a very big box. It is the largest Technics set. The box has a gatefold style to it and so opens out to look like this:

42055 - Gatefold Image
42055 – Gatefold Image

The next exciting part was opening the box and spreading out the various part-bags. There are nearly four thousand pieces in this monstrosity and here some of them are:

42055 - Some Of The Parts
42055 – Some Of The Parts

The white box on the right has the instruction book and also more part-bags in it!

42055 - Second Lot Of Parts
42055 – Second Lot Of Parts

And finally for your delectation I have an image of the instruction book.

42055 - Instruction Book
42055 – Instruction Book

Thus ends the first communication concerning 42055.