Where Do We Go?

I consider myself a liberal. On most matters. On some I am a capitalist and some I am socialist. But mostly liberal. Here are my personal headlines:

  • I am anti-Brexit and all it stands for
  • I am for state ownership of utilities
  • I am for state ownership of large infrastructure; railways, airports
  • I am anti-nuclear weapons, while being pro-standard forces
  • I am anti-monarchy
  • I am pro-LGBTQI
  • I am pro-gay marriage
  • I am pro-abortion
  • I am pro-helping people out with benefits
  • I am pro-everybody paying their fair share
  • I am not a progressive tax person
  • I am pro-free education
  • I am pro-keeping religion out of government and education
  • I am pro-being nice to people

I like to consider that my personal policies largely come from the idea of “being nice to people” and treating them well. This arises from having empathy.

What I find myself asking is where do I go? I used to believe that this country was largely like most of my views. I used to feel that my views weren’t extreme. It turns out that the recent events have forced me to come around to the idea that I am an outlier. This country has voted to LEAVE the EU. The politicians have right royally fucked that up since. I could rant and moan about that for a long time.

This country has voted made the Tories the largest party in parliament. A bunch of fucking horrible people who clearly work for their own interests. My distaste for their policies has only grown over the last six years. Virtually everything they do I despise. Withdraw from a HUMAN RIGHTS convention?? Who the fuck wants to do that???

And now they jump into bed with the prostitute that is the DUP, a bunch of rabid religious fucknuts. Fuck this government. They do NOT stand for anything I believe or for decency.

I am angry. I am lost.

This country didn’t really have me in the first place, which I will explain another time, but it has lost me now. I don’t really want to be here. I want to live somewhere where people care and want to do good for each other. I have no idea where that is, perhaps, if you know you could tell me?