But, but . . . .

Today is a day of rage. Everything seems to be annoying me, but I think that’s because I’m processing the latest Star Wars movie. I’m currently in the “reading proper reviews of the film” to see what I missed.

Fucking Really??

This is a headline on the BBC News Website.

It may look cool on TV

There’s your fucking answer you dimwits. Maybe it’s because you have one of the world’s most popular TV shows which promoted driving fast and dangerously for years. When you had the three twats on your show you allowed them to moan about speed cameras and how intrusive they are. They complained about the fines and implied there’s a “freedom” to drive how you want.

Maybe it’s the articles you write giving facts about how many speeding motorists have been caught by cameras?

This is sheer appalling journalism. Yet, my friends in the colonies will tell me that the BBC is the best there is. I seek out news from the BBC less and less. News has changed over the last decade.

Arrrgh. Rage.