Water Loss

Yesterday I went to make a morning coffee and noticed that the pressure from the tap was pretty low. This happens sometimes as I share a water main link with some other houses. Their water use can affect how well the water flows in my house!

I didn’t really pay much attention to this water drop as it doesn’t last long. Later on during the day, I had been for a run and needed to get clean.

I hadn’t really time the run that well as one mile into the exercise the rain started and fell quite heavily for about twenty minutes, that was slightly annoying. Once home I went to run some water for a drink and the flow was very poor. It took in excess of ten seconds to fill a small glass.

So, I went to my water supplier’s website and lo and behold there was a broken water main.

Keeping Them Informed
Keeping Them Informed

At least the website was updated regularly and the company were doing their best to keep everyone informed. I think that the British are ok with inconvenience as long as we know what is causing it and as long as it wasn’t due to some idiotic behaviour.

The water pressure is now restored. As for a post-run shower, please don’t ask!