I know I can come across as anti-social at times and can be quiet and happy to sit in the corner. That’s the me that copes with new situations. I’ve spent a good deal of my adult life working around this and getting used to having to talk to people. Being a CFAV in the CCF is good for that. You go away and are in situations with new people. You have to get on with them.

Whenever I moved to a new school my general policy was to sit in the staff room, read a newspaper and listen to people. I’d try and work out what sort of place it was and then eventually I’d find my place and be part of the community proper. I’ve gotten a whole lot better at that and am now reasonably happy to chat to new people. I can very nearly do that whole “small talk” thing, even though it is pointless and adds nothing to my life. I was once very good at small talk bullshit, but that was when I was attending meetings and social dos all the time as Deputy President of ICU.

This communication is about how I react the first day back at work after a holiday. I noticed this behaviour the first day back in January, but it has happened before, I’ve figured it out though. I always struggle to make conversation on the first day back. I’ve not been used to that style of conversation or contact for a week or so and I really struggle to get back into it. I probably come across as a rude, git, when I wander away with not much said! Next time it happens I’m going to have a badge that says:

Not yet ready for human interaction

Hopefully that will explain my apparent, though not absolute, rudeness!