While I wait for my brain to remember the important communication I keep thinking I should write I thought it worthwhile to add a little nothing to this site. So, recently I have been re-watching the TV series Killjoys. I think I’ve seen only the first series before, although it was packed with so much story I thought I may have seen two, and there are three series available from various content providers.

So, the plan is to watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix and then search around for a free(er) version of season 3. If I don’t find one I’ll pay Amazon for the privilege of being entertain for about ten hours. That seems reasonable to me. I’m happy to pay if the services are worth it.

Let’s just point out that Netflix content isn’t free as I pay a monthly subscription. But it is a “watch what you can” subscription. I’m reasonably sure that live TV will disappear soon. I don’t watch it. Why should I? I don’t want to have to sit down at an allotted time to watch a live show which could contain adverts to spoil my viewing. I watch everything on catch up.

Radio may just about survive. I still listen to Radio 4 for news and documentaries but only if they are on while I am in the kitchen. I don’t observe the timings sheet to make sure I tune in for a particular show.