It Doesn’t Take Much

It doesn’t take much effort to be helpful or kind. In fact it’s probably easier to be kind than be horrible or a bit neither way. I’ve taken to saying “you’re welcome” when someone thanks me for something I’ve done. It seems more nice than saying “no problem” or “no worried”. “You’re welcome” actually makes it seem like you’ve gone more out of your way to help and are happy to have done that.

I returned home to this:


From whatever time the binmen came along my street and then returned my bin to the edge of my property and blocked the path with my gate people would have to walk around the gate or down the road to get past.

To be honest a lot of people walk down the roads in the little area where I live because in the other streets people park their cars on the pavement. It’s rather annoying and something we all put up with. Parking on the pavement isn’t necessary as the roads are JUST wide enough for cars on either side and a lane in the middle.

The binmen of today weren’t that considerate. I leave the bin inside the boundary of the fence and make sure the gate is closed so people can use the path. Obviously the binmen today didn’t want to make life easier for others.

Sometimes the bin is placed inside the fenced area so this isn’t a moan that will occur every Friday but today was the worst it has been. Other places they leave bins is everywhere in the street along the road causing an inconvenience for anyone wanting to park or find their own bin. Not that we own them.