You know when you are out and see something a little different? Well, that happened to me last October time while I was at Crowborough. I spotted an old safe in a storage area and I thought it would make a pretty good picture, probably in black and white to give it that arty look:

1st Safe - Crowborough
1st Safe – Crowborough

Then you start seeing safes everywhere! So, I’ve decided that whenever I see a new one I’ll take a photograph of it. Here’s another I saw in the Maidstone area:

2nd Safe - Maidstone
2nd Safe – Maidstone

This next one was sneakily hiding in a school staff room in Tonbridge! I probably looked a little odd getting this photo and I didn’t move stuff around so it’s not the best photograph.

3rd Safe - Tonbridge
3rd Safe – Tonbridge

My final safe for now was in my room at RAF Halton, obviously. I guess it’s just in case you bring some top secret materials back to study in your evening? Nope, that would be illegal. I’m not sure why it’s there but it’s still pretty cool.

4th Safe - Halton
4th Safe – Halton

I think there will be more, I’ll keep looking as I travel around. It’s fun having a stupid hobby like this one.