A few weeks ago Nvidia released a driver update for their graphics cards and it screwed over X-Plane. Recently X-Plane has had an update to use Vulkan graphics processing or something like that and it improved frame rates enough that I went and bought a load of UK scenery. X-Plane started to look a lot better. Then this new graphics driver messed things up and there was a strange frame rate flutter from 50FPS down to about 15FPS once every two seconds. It made the game, sorry simulator, unplayable. Two days ago the newest driver version was released and the game now works as expected. Much better. I’ve finally got the HOTAS gear out again and am playing, as evidenced by this video of my Red Tail flight from Manston to Lydd. I think I’ll try out the Grob Tutor now.

Other things of note; the tin opener failed again and I’ve ordered a bicycle so expect plenty of communications here with boring details of bike rides soon.