Staring At A Blank Page

My next few albums are going to take some time to get around and review properly. It turns out that the S section of the alphabet contains many albums of superior meaning and quality and therefore the album review misses the purpose that it was brought into existence. I started writing the album reviews as a way of regularly having something to write about, it seemed easy to write a little bit about each album I owned and could be used in between me writing more complex longer communications about how to fix the world. Now I’m at a section of the reviews that will take time to write properly and so this page exists to make me feel as though I have contributed to my own site. I feel I should go back and re-write the Slam review as I didn’t really do it justice considering the contribution it has made to my life.

Another staple on these pages would be film reviews. I regularly go to the cinema and then I write about the film I’ve seen here. There is a convoluted writing form I follow which has grown organically, mentioning the tide and scoring and referring to the rating method. But Covid has screwed that up. I can’t go to the cinema and I therefore am lacking in content for this site. I guess I could write about films I have seen on streaming services, I’m not sure that fits in with my list of rules, even if they aren’t written down. I think the film reviews are to create a diary, to remind me of things I have seen, to act as a “look I am busy really” kind of thing. No one is busy at the moment.

I haven’t really watched that much television recently as I’ve been trying to increase my reading. I bought a Kindle and I am going to say that I love it. I have read more books in the last six months that I have for the two years prior. I now make sure I spend time after 2100 reading my books. I turn everything off. Sometimes my eyes hold out for about ten minutes before tiredness kicks in and I give up trying but sometimes I get to read for about an hour. Look, I even read the monster Anathem recently, although I’m still unsure what went on and I need to read it again at some point in the next couple of years. I’m currently working my way through Brave New World, but a bit like the Beatles, I’m not that impressed. I can tell it’s a seminal piece of work but – shrug. So far I have read the following since mid-June:

The Hydrogen Sonata – Iain M Banks
Cryptonomicom – Neil Stephenson
The Laws Of Gravity – Ira Rosenberg
Fleet Of Knives – Gareth L Powell
Anathem – Neil Stephenson
The Angry Chef – Bad Science and the Truth About Healthy Eating – Anthony Warner
Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

There would normally be many things I have done and places I have seen and then they get written about within these communications. I haven’t really been anywhere or done anything. I haven’t been to the Lake District this year. I didn’t get to stay at any lovely RAF bases and I haven’t seen the inside of my tent. It’s all a shame really. I guess this is the sacrifice I make to ensure that people don’t die. Whenever I hear people moaning about how the lockdown has meant they can’t go out I remind them, sometimes just inside my own head, that people are dying. This pandemic is a strange one as it’s not killing twenty percent of people in my street, it’s killing people few and far between so the population isn’t scared of it.

I can’t write about the news because it’s all shit. I can’t write about politics because it’s all shit. Maybe I need to try writing more about my personal philosophy but my language skills might not be good enough for that. I’m not moaning that I am not allowed to do anything. I’m not moaning that I’m bored. I’m happy enough and I’m lucky enough to be in a position of financial stability and able to entertain myself reasonably well. I am the lucky one.