Week One – Completed

Well, it’s all been rather busy hasn’t it? On Monday we were at work preparing for teaching in school and rolling out a testing programme, which doesn’t really work. Then, that evening, BJ told us that wasn’t happening. Such a shame that he didn’t do this three, or more, weeks ago and we mightn’t have had 1300 deaths yesterday. I do understand that this is all about balance. Keeping everyone sane and the money working while doing what you can for the ill. I mean, all of society is about the balance. How much are you willing to pay to help others is what it comes down to as far as I can see from over here on the left. “But it must be hard for anyone in that position” I hear mentioned – well, yes, but the indecision has caused so many deaths and another national lockdown. It’s like we elected a muppet to the most powerful position in this country and expected him to not behave like a muppet. On second thoughts that is exactly what we did, no simile needed.

You might be thinking why aren’t people as angry as me? Good question but we need to work out where you are getting your information about the angriness of the country. If it’s the print media and their online editions then remember that they are companies who push particular views because it suits their owners. Interesting that the Daily Mail moaned about Lewis Hamilton receiving a knighthood because he lives in Monaco for tax reasons and possibly the weather, when the owner of the DM is a non-domiciled Lord who runs his companies through various tax havens. By and large the print media love the easy going regulations that tories tend to put into place and so their messages follow that course. Just have a look at Brexit coverage or anything else to do with finance and try to look for biases. Along with natural pro-business anti-the-little-person these media also try to distract us from the horror of this country by creating outrage when there isn’t really any [Lewis Hamilton] or giving us a glimpse of side-boob. The honours system is a communication for another day, I’m not pro.

This week I’ve been working. I’ve been teaching live lessons online. It’s not the best way of teaching [no evidence for this] but it’s the best we can do in these situations [it didn’t have to be this bad, remember]. My back hurts from laptop work all day and my headaches have been low-level but constant. Such are the consequences of online learning etc. I’ll manage. I genuinely want the best for my pupils. In the many years I’ve had this site I haven’t written about work really. It’s been one of my “rules”. Things are strange enough now that I feel justified to do so, even if it’s only a little bit. My thoughts and views on my work place will remain that, mine. I’m happy to moan about national issues but there are limits to what people should write online about themselves. That, is almost comical given the stuff I put on here and twitter and my secret FB page and YouTube – but I suppose that’s all filtered to an extent as is this site.

If you are wondering where the album reviews are then they will return. It’s just the next few require a decent amount of writing because they are monster albums and I do that while listening to the album so I need the space and time to be able to do that. I’m looking forward to completing the album reviews because then I can go back and talk through the EBM and Aggrotech I’ve not written about. I’ve enlargened my music tastes and industrial electronic figures large in my choices at the moment. Metal is still there though I saw Slipknot about a year ago. Earlier today I paid for the latest single by Aesthetic Perfection it’s called S E X. On first listening it’s really good. Very AP. I suspect that over time I will still enjoy the song but the love for it will lessen as I think more complex songs that require a few listens to learn the patterns make the best long term songs.