HODL or Not?

Quite a while ago I invested (?) in the ICO of a new cryptocurrency. At the time I used it as a way to learn about cryptos and how they worked. For the last four years my investment was worth one fifth of the value I had spent. But it wasn’t a huge amount and I knew it could head off with the fairies.

Over the last couple of weeks the Electroneum I own has been valued at about four times what I paid for it and now I’m interested in selling my coins. I have now started the process to do this although I am unsure how long it will take. There is quite a bit of anti-fraud and anti-money-laundering hoops to go through, which is correct. I just hope the value doesn’t start dipping.

I had a conversation at work this week where we discussed Cryptos and whether their value will hold in the long term. I am unconvinced. I think they will all tank at some point. I like the idea of a decentralised currency and the ease of transactions but for a currency to work it has to be easy to use and accessible to many. ETN is trying to do that and maybe the value will stabilise at some point in the future. I guess it will be worth whatever someone is willing to pay or offer as goods for it.