RCO LR – Hythe Ranges

A while back in January I spent a weekend at St Martins Plain Camp and Hythe Ranges getting qualified to run a long range. The short range course was completed a few years ago and that allows me to RCO ranges up to 25m. The long range course gives me the qualification to take cadets and adult volunteers on long ranges which is any range more than 25m. Over the weekend we were shooting at 100m, 20m and 300m. We did this while using iron sights and I can tell you that the target is pretty small from 300m and so hitting the thirty percent that I did seems quite miraculous. I am now qualified on LR. This makes me happy and I just need to get out and use those quals now.

300m is a long way
Long Range, Hythe

This is communication number 2011 and I’ve been writing a few things that happen in those years. It started as a countdown to comms 2000 and now I don’t know when to stop. Well, there is a natural stop point, 2022, but what do I do then? I like having some quirks on this site. Anyway, here are some things that happened in that year:

  • The Arab Spring kinda goes nowhere. It was exciting while it happened, hoping that all the old power structures would be toppled . . .
  • Apparently 2 billion people watched a bloke called William marry some girl called Kate. I was not one of them.
  • South Sudan secedes from Sudan.
  • Race riots in London.