So Close But Absolutely No Gold

So, in this new Gran Turismo version we get to try and complete all the licences again to be able to race in all the different series. I think I’m on the third licence and it’s not really one of those parts of the game I really enjoy. Mind you, I find it incredibly frustrating so when I do pass the actual licence I am cheered by it. Some of the licences I have got gold first time, others have taken me about half an hour on continuing to try.

Just So Frustrating
Just So Frustrating

The above licence I missed out on gold by four one thousandths of a second. That was really annoying.

I like that GT Auto is back and you can wash your car. I also like the fact we can change the oil and other parts. There are options for a whole new body and also a new engine so wouldn’t that mean it was a brand new or different car? Looking at my profile I can see that my average fuel consumption is 2.47 km/l this is 6.9 miles per gallon for the UK and USA audience. I’m going to have to see if I can get that more uneconomical.

I’ve been writing a few things that happened in the year of the communication number and this is number 2020 so here are some things that happened then:

  • Covid 19 causes a heap of shit around the world and it is amplified by poor leadership in many countries.
  • Brent Crude falls to $27 a barrel. It is currently $109. But there’s a war going on and shortness of supplies.
  • King Salman issues a royal decree, declaring that people will no longer be executed in Saudi Arabia for crimes they were convicted of when they were minors. Well, this means they were doing it before this date. It’s bloody 2020!
  • The Royal Astronomical Society announces the detection of phosphine in Venus’ atmosphere, which is known to be a strong predictor for the presence of microbial life.