Service Interrupted Slightly

It’s been two weeks since I last published a communication and I’m aware some people out there read this website so this is here to hold the fort. I’ve spent quite a while wondering about the correlation between my mental and emotional health and communications on this site. I use to wonder whether, when feeling rough, I didn’t have the energy and ability to communicate on this site. But in the past when I have looked at the months when I know I was mentally fucked and the communications on here I write more in those times then when I’m fine. It would appear this site is a distraction from the emotional reality of the world. I use writing here as a distraction or somewhere to let my mind go rather than what’s happening to me.

So, the lack of recent communications, which is far below stable-me output, is to do with the fact that I have very good things on my mind. Life has taken a turn and it’s for the good. I hope to resume a more normal service in the future as this place is a source of pride for me. I like writing here and attempting to communicate to the world. I like being a presence for anyone to see. When I get to the point of writing more I am sure that I will still be gloriously happy. Which I am currently.